AquaMarine Foul-­release is the eco friendly anti fouling paint

With no biocides or heavy metals, the AquaMarine range delivers reduced drag and better performance without the environmental costs of toxic anti foul paint.

Faster, Cleaner, Safer

AquaCote Antifouling Foul Release Paint

AquaMarine Foul release coatings deliver a range of benefits during application, maintenance and boat use. These include immediate and long term cost savings, reduced health risks during application, and significantly enhanced boat performance through reduced drag and fouling.

Less drag, more performance

 AquaCote Antifoul Foul Release Yacht Paint


AquaMarine’s unique silicone construction works at a molecular level to reduce drag and prevent fouling in cold, temperate and warm waters. The extremely smooth, high gloss finish creates a hydrophobic surface that marine life struggles to attach to. Any fouling organisms that do rest on the boat hull are either dislodged with water flow or can be wiped away by hand.

Easy application antifouling

AquaCote Foul Release Antifoul Paints

AquaMarine contains no biocides or heavy metals and replaces the miserable anti foul paint application process with an easy, roll on anti fouling system. With no airborne particles to inhale and no carcinogens, passive health risks for applicators and other boatyard users are dramatically reduced.
There’s no need to worry about disposing of melted brushes and contaminated clothing, just apply the foul release coating, rinse and reuse for a completely user-­friendly experience. And with no fallout, the potential for cross contamination of paint onto other boats is eliminated.

Low cost maintenance

 Any biofilm or weed is simply wiped off with minimal effort and can even be done by hand, a stark contrast to traditional antifoul cleaning.
Loved by divers across the world, AquaMarine completely changes the antifouling maintenance experience. With no carcinogens, biocides or heavy metals, divers come up safe and clean every time -­ no toxic blooms, no poisonous chemicals and no ruined dive gear.

Business benefits of AquaMarine Foul release

A regular maintenance dive to clean the hull gives applicators the opportunity to offer new services to clients, such as anode checks, de-­lamination, electrolysis surveys and general underwater health assessments. 
Cost savings through AquaMarine foul release coatings are immediately evident in the form of reduced fuel consumption. In the long term, maintenance costs are significantly reduced with AquaMarine Foul-­release requiring less equipment, labour and time than traditional anti fouling paints.
Legislation, pressure groups and boat owners are all demanding more environmentally friendly anti fouling options. AquaMarine Foul-­release paints deliver excellent anti foul performance without the environmental cost, protecting you from levies and providing a lucrative eco-­friendly service line.

Boost your green credentials

AquaMarine Foul-­release coatings are biocide and heavy metal free and as such represent the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional anti foul paint. Instead of killing marine wildlife, AquaMarine uses passive silicone technology to prevent fouling of the hull and running gear. No creatures are harmed and no pollutants are leached into the marine ecosystem. 
By stocking AquaMarine you’re making a commitment to the welfare of your marine environment and with low VOC levels, you’ll also produce fewer emissions in application.

Why AquaMarine?

With over eight years of research in every tin, AquaMarine Foul release coatings deliver tried and tested, eco friendly foul prevention. Better for performance, better for business, better for the environment.

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